I am so thankful we have a speech pathologist who makes house calls. She specializes in feeding issues and stopped by this week to take a look at Waverly. The changes in her swallowing seem to have come about so suddenly. Kathryn definitely agreed with our concerns. It is taking Waverly 10+ seconds to swallow liquid. She is holding it in her mouth and then gulping. She is also losing her suck. We are taking Waverly into the hospital in 2 weeks for a VFSS (swallow study). This will allow Kathryn to see inside Waverly's mouth and throat to determine if any food/liquid is entering her airway. This causes aspiration and can develop into pneumonia.

We have made some adaptations to meal time and Wavey seems to be adjusting well. Her teachers are also having to make some changes within the classroom, but all reports have been positive thus far. I think we are entering into a new normal.


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