Disney World - Act 6

Thursday was spent all over Disney World. We started our morning at Epcot with a princess breakfast. Neither of the kids were too enthused - they were both hungry and were much more excited about the croissants than meeting the princesses. We then monorailed it over to the Magic Kingdom. Disney had arranged for Oliver to get made over to look like a pirate and for Waverly to visit the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique to get a Cinderella makeover. Matt and I weren't sure how the kids would do, but we at least wanted to give it a try. I am so glad we did! Oliver actually enjoyed the attention and made an adorable little pirate. Waverly was given the royal treatment at Cinderella's castle and looked beautiful. The staff did an amazing job and kept her happy, which is a lot given how much she detests having her hair touched. She made a gorgeous Cinderella. That night we visited with some friends of ours who live in Orlando. They have 2 daughters, their oldest has Sanfilippo. It is always a treat to see them when we are in Orlando.
In front of the Epcot fountain

 Waverly getting her hair done

 She did such a great job while they worked on her hair

 They gave her a book to read and one of the workers came over to sing to her

 Pretty girl!!

 Jennifer putting on the finishing touches 

 Cinderella in front of her castle

Argh!!! Pirate Oliver


Kassie Jahr said…
Oh my goodness. What an awesome trip! So many smiles. :)

My eyes teared up when I read the part about Waverly's Cinderella makeover and the workers singing to her. That is so touching. What a wonderful blessing from Mack Trucks!! So glad you family was able to have this magical time together!!

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