Disney World - Act 2

We spent our first full day at Magic Kingdom. We made the mistake of taking the kids on Snow White for their first ride. Oliver was terrified of the ride. It is dark and scary. And we totally forgot that the ride primarily highlights the wicked queen. It scarred Oliver and he was afraid of any ride we tried that was inside. He would begin wringing his hands and whimpering. So sad. It took us a while to realize that we simply had to adapt to his fear and change our expectations. He enjoyed the rides that were outside and his favorite thing was just to walk around the park. Here are a few favorite photos from our first day.

 Oliver with his Donald Duck ears

 Waverly with her princess ears & tiara

 Oliver waiting to ride the carousel (safe outdoor ride)

 A very excited carousel rider

 Oliver and I on Dumbo (my favorite ride)

 Air born on Dumbo

 Our family getting on the tea cups

 A very happy Waverly, Oliver wasn't so sure about it

 Oliver walking with Grandpa & Grandma

 Waverly enjoying It's a Small World with Matt

 My parents with the kids

Oliver's favorite ride of all - the Liberty Belle boat ride


I just watched the episode with your step father in it. I was reading your blog a few years ago when you moved from over sea's and somehow it was no longer in my blog feed. I figured maybe you stopped writing. When I heard the names Oliver and Waverly I somehow thought back to you and your family. I Googled your beautiful babies names and found your blog again. I am so happy that you guy's were able to take an awesome adventure to Disney. God Bless your family.

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