Last night we took the kids trick-or-treating in Vienna. We decided to go down the street we are trying to move onto. We wanted to get a feel for the neighborhood. We had such a great experience. A few of the neighbors asked us if we lived nearby and we told them we were trying to buy the purchase down the street. They told us about the block parties and many young families on the street. We also passed a bunch of school age kids who said "That's Waverly" & "That's Oliver". (One of the many reasons I want to remain at the elementary school.) We also ran into the woman who told us about the house back in May. Her daughter is also in 2nd grade and knows Waverly. She seemed excited at the prospect of having a new neighbor.

It was such a great experience. And it was confirmation that we really need this short sale to go through, so we can move onto such a great street. Please pray, cross fingers & toes, send positive energy, do a house dance....whatever you can think of make this sale happen.


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