Disney World - Act 3

We spent my birthday at Animal Kingdom. It has become our favorite park at Disney World. On our last few visits, the cast members there was especially kind and considerate to our family. We started the day with breakfast at Tusker House with Donald Duck. Waverly loved meeting the characters....Oliver was once again a bit overwhelmed with everything and ran away from them. 

Disney was made aware of our family's vacation and the special circumstances ("Undercover Boss" and Sanfilippo). They contacted us to let us know that they wanted to sprinkle some "extra pixie dust" on our trip to make it even more magical. The management of Animal Kingdom went above and beyond to make it an amazing day. After breakfast, a manager asked us if we would like to open Camp Minnie-Mickey. They walked our family in, before anyone else was allowed back there. As we arrived, a bunch of characters were there waiting to greet us. They also arranged to have a Disney photographer there to capture the moment. The kids had their own special meet & greet with the characters and we raised the flag to open the Camp. It was by far the best memory of the trip. Waverly saw Minnie Mouse and took off right to her. She spent the next 15 minutes walking around with her, holding hands and giving her hugs. The person in the Minnie costume was incredible!!! We were then given VIP seats to the Lion King and Nemo shows, with the special opportunity to meet the cast members after each show. The Nemo cast was especially incredible. They sang "Happy Birthday" to Matt, Waverly & I and they gave such love to the kids. We had reserved seats for the parade and every character came over to greet Waverly during the parade. (Sadly, Oliver was also afraid of the noisy parade and missed it.)

 Waverly & Donald Duck

Our family with Donald (Oliver's favorite character)

 Waverly getting a kiss from Mickey

 The characters waiting for us at Camp Minnie-Mickey

 Holding the flag about to be raised

A scared Oliver finding comfort on Daddy's shoulders 

Waverly running to meet Minnie

 Our family with Minnie

Hugs for Baloo

 A very giggly Waverly excited to see Pluto

Greeting Pluto

Oliver giving hugs to Brer Bear

Waverly & Grandma at the Lion King show

Grandpa impersonating a warthog for the show

 Waverly & I walking around the stage as part of the Lion King

Our family with the Lion King cast

Oliver loved the safari - his favorite thing about AK

 Our family with the cast of Nemo

 Waverly with the girls who played Nemo and Dorie - they were lovely

 Holding hands before the parade

 Pretty girl waiting for the parade to begin

 Waverly meeting Chip

 Waverly meeting Brer Rabbit

 Oliver on the bus back to the resort - his other favorite "ride"

 Oliver running away from Donald in fear

The family


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