Arm Restraints

I went to Waverly's school today to observe the OT using the arm restraints with her.  It was such a cute visit.  Her class was on the playground when I arrived and Waverly was covered in mud.  She was playing a chasing game with 2 boys in her class.  She was very excited to see me and I walked back with everyone to her classroom.  One of the little boys is a great helper for Waverly and he told me all about how he likes to help her.  It was adorable!!  Then the OT came into the room and they did a painting activity.  They were using stampers & paint to make wrapping paper for a Christmas gift for Matt & I.  (Nice.)  They put on the restraints, which resemble a soft arm cast with velcro.  She didn't protest in the slightest.  Then the OT helped her paint, using hand-over-hand.  While Waverly didn't actually use the stamps herself, she did get her hand covered in paint and didn't get upset.  Plus, she didn't automatically put the stampers in her mouth.

I am going to sign the consent form so they can use the restraints for a certain amount of time each day.  It will keep her safe and allow her to participate in some activities.  I was quite pleased with how everything turned out.

My Mom arrived this afternoon.  She is here to help with Waverly tomorrow while I take Oliver to the hospital for his ear tubes surgery.  It is so nice to have another set of hands and the kids LOVE having her around.  I will let you all know how the surgery went tomorrow.


Amy B said…
That is such a wonderful thing to read! So glad it went well today. Will be praying His hand on all that happens tomorrow.
fern said…
I'm so glad you felt good about it and that the visit today clarified what you ought to do. I'm so happy she's having fun at school!

Good luck tomorrow -- I'll be looking for your update.

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