Chewlery is my new favorite thing.  Another mom who has a little boy with Sanfilippo recommended it after I blogged about Waverly's increasing need to chew.  I ordered a purple chewlery necklace for Waverly last week and it arrived just before our trip to PA.  It is just a purple plastic coiled necklace that is safe to chew on.  Wavey LOVES it!!  She keeps it on from the moment she wakes up until she climbs into bed.  It is more sanitary that her chewy tube, because she doesn't throw it on the floor.  And it is keeping her from chewing her clothes.

I just ordered a set of 7 - one in every color.  The thought of losing or breaking her new necklace was terrifying to Matt and I.  Now we will have a back-up supply and she can color coordinate to her outfit.  Nice.

It is the little things that make my life easier and chewlery is one of those little things.  God bless the inventor!


sarahdv17 said…
Awesome!! Yay for chewelry!
Tara said…
Where can you find chewelry? I think it might help my friend's son who has OCD and chews on his shirts. Thanks.
Shannon said…
You can buy them on or They make necklaces or bracelets. The bracelets are chocking hazards for Wavey, but could work great for other kids.
Priya said…
I think you make a fantastic therapist. Must look into getting some of those! :))
Lots of love and thinking of you all.
Laura said…
Awesome news! Rock on, Chewlery!
Kim said…
That is SO cool! I am a special education teacher, and I have several kids who use chewy tubes, and while we have done the stringing them to their shirt thing, they still get a little yucky!

I found you from the video on You Tube. It was such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful kids!

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