Disney Photos

Oliver smiling

Waverly enjoying her stroller (Thanks London friends!!)

Wavey on the carousel

Oliver (not) enjoying a sombrero

Riding the tea cups (Oliver is signing to eat)

Oliver in his fancy ears

Waverly enjoying lunch

Oliver and his Mickey light sabre

His loves this toy

Waverly dancing with Mickey Mouse

Waverly and Grandma (my mom)

Wavey looking beautiful in her pink specs

Oliver and his first pair of ears

Oli eating ice cream...again

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom


fern said…
I LOVE these! The one of Oliver on the ferry with the light sabre, and the one of Waverly with Mickey, are so magical! Actually "magical" is too cheesy for what I mean, but I don't know a word for how great they look.
Love the pics!!! Love Wavey's pink specs and Oliver's distaste for mexican hatwear. :) I especially love all the smiles! Thank you for sharing them with us! Love, Deb
Heidi said…
Seriously...I don't think the two of them could be any cuter than they are with Wavey in her specs and Oli in his hat. I'm so glad you had a good time!!! You all deserved a break.
Anonymous said…
Memories are all that we can hold forever. You made some special ones this week.
Your children are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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