We had such a wonderful time at Disney World.  We began planning for the trip in late spring, after the kids were both diagnosed and we decided to not go through with the transplant.  I can't believe it is over already.

I think the trip was bittersweet in some ways.  We were surrounded by families and children.  It always reveals just how much we miss out on because of Sanfilippo...just how different our experience was compared to others.

Yet we made some incredible memories.  Waverly thrived with all of the sensory stimulation.  She was saying some new words, smiling and laughing.  Many times she just sat content as a parade went by or a show went on...but she was enjoying herself.  Oliver loved every moment.  Everything was an adventure for him.

Some highlights:

*Mickey Mouse dancing with Waverly at Chef Mickey's
*Waverly running up to Pluto
*Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with Wavey - she giggled the entire ride
*Oliver clapping for the show in front of the castle
*Riding Dumbo with the kids
*Oliver's smile on the carousel
*Waverly saying "drive, drive!" while driving the cars
*Oliver wearing his Mickey Mouse ears
*Oli signing "eat" every 5 minutes (he loved the treats)
*Meeting the Pooh characters
*The kids enjoying the bubbles at the Playhouse Disney show
*Christmas party on Main Street


Ann said…
Shannon, that's awesome. I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time and have beautiful memories to cherish. I can only imagine how cute your kids were! I love all the pictures.
I'm so glad you had a good time! Welcome home.
Anonymous said…
I know you don't know me, but I found your blog through a friend's, and I have spent a long time here reading some of your old posts. You story is incredibly moving, and you sound amazingly strong.

Praying for a miracle for your beautiful children, and continued strength for you and your husband, as I cannot even imagine what you're going through...
Priya said…
Oh I just love the "eat" sign that Oliver is making!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I am so happy for you! Merry Christmas Shannon.
Lots of love
Charity said…
I love, love, love all the pictures and the highlights. I'm so glad you guys went.
Love and miss you!

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