Christmas Eve

I know that most of you are traveling to be with family & friends or settling into the holidays at home. I just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  You have all been a gift to me.  This blog has been my therapy.  It is much easier for me to express my feelings through this venue when the moment strikes.  I so appreciate all of you coming back day after day to see what new adventures Waverly & Oliver are providing.

This is going to be a difficult Christmas for us.  This is our first one since the kids have been diagnosed.  Waverly isn't into opening presents anymore and buying for her is near impossible.  I think Oliver is going to love it!  We will have a nice Christmas lunch and then pack up the car for the drive to PA.  I thought filling our evening with a drive and family will be distracting for me.  Christmas night has always been an emotional time for me and I think tomorrow it will be even more so.

Merry Christmas!!


Misty said…
Shannon, Please know that you, Matt, Waverly and Oliver are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy for Waverly saying her name again, such small things make our hearts swell...with pride! It is wonderful that you all will be travelling to be with family tomorrow. I think that keeping busy keeps me sane. If I stop or slow down this all hits me really hard. It is very eciting that you all almost have your waiver, I have yet to apply, you are way ahead of me! Merry Christmas to you all. Much Love, Misty mother to Will
lindsey deyoung said…

Your family has been nominated for my holiday giveaway and I would like to get in touch with you about this. I have been unable to get ahold of an email address for you. Could you please email me at- lindsey at deyoungphotography dot com. Thanks you so much and I hope you have a truly blessed christmas.

-Lindsey DeYoung
Lindsey DeYoung Photography
Kim said…
I just discovered your blog last week but I have been reading every day. You all are in my prayers. Your children are so beautiful.

Merry Christmas - I hope it is a truly happy one!
Lauren said…
Merry Christmas, Shannon! Your family is in my prayers! -Lauren
sarahdv17 said…
Praying that God will give you a beautiful day tomorrow. That His grace will be sufficient. Merry Christmas.
Penny said…
I know what you mean about Waverly. Hannah really wasn't into Christmas this year and opening up her presents. It made me so sad. But she made up for it at her birthday party she was so excited. I posted some links to a couple of slideshows in my journal. Waverly is a very beautiful girl. I guess our girls know the true meaning of Christmas and that's why they really don't care about the presents. Many hugs to you!


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