I have spent much of the past few days lamenting the fact that Christmas is approaching.  Last night Matt and I went to the mall to do the last of our Christmas shopping.  (My mom stayed with the kids to give us a night out.)  Even though we were shopping for each other, I just started crying in the middle of Barnes & Noble.  I always end up in the children's book section.  Waverly used to LOVE being read to and most of her toys were books.  I was so proud to have such a little bookworm on my hands.  I had dreams of reading "Anne of Green Gables" and "Little Women" to her at night.  As I stood there, I was again reminded of a dream lost.

In lighter news, Matt and I are officially Virginians.  We spent most of the morning at the DMV getting new driver's licenses and plates.  We were actually able to get handicapped plates, which is going to be a huge help getting the kids in & out of the car and in & out of places.


Anonymous said…
I am once again reminded of the blessings I have, and tend to take for granted when I am dealing with surly teens.

Do you have a faith that you practice? Or has the inevitable question of "Why" made that too illogical for you?

I wonder what I would do.

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