I am so glad you have enjoyed the photos and highlights of our trip.  We had such a wonderful time.  I think the post-vacation blues are settling in.  It is always so difficult to get back into the routine after time off.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to observe Waverly at school.  The OT is coming in to do an activity and she is going to put the arm restraints on Waverly.  I want to see how Wavey responds and if she is more apt to participate in an art project if she is unable to put the items in her mouth.  Our specialist was not opposed to the idea and thought it could actually be beneficial.  We shall see.

On Friday Oliver is getting tubes in his ears.  Hopefully this will stop the monthly ear infections.  They did wonders for Wavey when she was his age.  Even though it is the simplest of procedures, I still hate to see my little boy put under.


Kregel Family said…
Makenna is on her 6th set of ear tubes... I will be praying on Friday for both of you. Know just what it's like!

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