Girls Weekend

I was able to fly to Chicago over the weekend to spend time with 2 of my favorite people.  My friends, Kamarah & Michele.  We met in college, lived together out senior year, were in each others' weddings.  They are also the ladies behind "A Hundred for a Home".  Michele just had her first baby, so we all met to celebrate Judah.  It was 3 full days of friendship - laughing, reminiscing, dreaming, crying, sharing, eating, shopping.  It was fabulous!!  I hadn't had time away like that for over a year.

And Matt was super Dad while I was gone.  He took off of work to take care of the kids.  He dressed them, bathed them, fed them, got them on the bus each morning, put pigtails in Wavey's hair, packed lunches, took them to the park, and tucked them in each night.  He is a very hands on Dad, so he had done all of these things before, but never for multiple days.  He did a superb job.  I even came home to a clean house!!


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