Matt & I would like to have t-shirts made in honor of the kids.  I know many of you have already or are going to participate in walks/runs for MPS.  We thought a t-shirt would be a wonderful awareness tool.  All of the proceeds we make would be given to the MPS Society for Sanfilippo research.

My question is, does anyone have any ideas for a logo or slogan?  Brainstorm with me.  I want something simple.


Anonymous said…
Maybe a thought cloud with "MPS" in the middle?
Anonymous said…

The Leivas said…
Shannon but I did want to share that we just had tshirts made for Olivia and the Rainbow of Heroes walk. You might be able to get a much better deal with a local company but we used custom and they were very easy to work with and pretty reasonable. I can email you the info if you're intereested email me
I don't have a design idea, but I will definitely buy one when they're ready.
Maureen said…
Can you please email me so that I have your email address? I have an idea (that I put onto a powerpoint slide) so I will email you the file. Thanks so much! Maureen
This is such a great idea!!! I would DEF buy one!!! =)
Andrew said…
will be buying one...

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