Thanks Teachers

Matt and I were talking this morning about schooling.  I received a message from someone asking about IEPs.  She was immediately on the defensive and almost combative with the process, even though the child has yet to enter school.  I remember that feeling.  When Waverly started preschool, I felt like the school was the enemy and I was going to have to defend Wavey.  And while it is true, that I am her advocate with the school, I quickly learned that the school is my partner in her education plan.

I understand that our situation may be unique.  We live in an excellent school system with so many supports in place for the special education community.  However, once I adjusted my attitude to view the school as part of Wavey's team, things seemed to move along much more smoothly.

I am not in the education field.  And I certainly do not think it is perfect.  But I do think the field of special education has changed drastically for teachers.  They work so tirelessly for our kids.  Their compassion and patience is astounding.  They deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

We recently received word that Wavey's teacher is leaving for another school.  She has been wonderful - communicating daily about Wavey's day, always available to talk, offering suggestions and always revealing her love for my little girl.  She is really going to be missed.


Carrie said…
As a special education teacher- thank you for this post! We want only to work as a team with parents! I hope that you continue to have positive experiences with your IEP team. It is funny, I talk to many special ed teachers and some of the most treasured moments are when a parent actualy says thank you.

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