Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleeping, Yet Crying

Waverly has continued to be a solid sleeper.  We have had 4 nights in a row of straight 8pm-6am sleeping. It is fantastic!!  Unfortunately, she is still crying a lot.  It is mostly in the evenings after dinner, but today she cried on and off for the entire day.  I cannot figure out what is causing it.  I know this type of behavior is common in children with Sanfilippo, but I am determined to find a reason.  I hate seeing her cry.  I don't think she is any pain, but I can never be sure since she is unable to tell me.


mamabear said...

I'm heartbroken at reading this. I will pray much for a solution. What a blessing that you are all sleeping again!

diplofam said...

Do you have Lindsey's email address (the FS mom I spoke of a long time ago). She knows what you are going through--her Emily has similar days of crying--maybe she can be a sounding board. If you want her e-mail let me

Joanne Huff said...

Hi Shannon,

I am so glad that Waverly has been sleeping well but I'm heartbroken about the crying. Sasha started with this behavior around the age of 7 or 8 years old and it's still occurring. I tend to start by addressing potential issues from head to toe. I check out her teeth, lotion her skin, apply Desitin to the diaper area, soak her in the whirlpool tub in case it's her joints and as a final resort I might try Motrin or Tylenol. (I tend to use those as infrequently as possible due to ulceration side effects in the general population). I have to say I have yet to have an ah-ha moment, but I'm not giving up on that! I don't know if any of these ideas are helpful but just wanted to pass them along. I hope this resolves for you all and for Waverly soon! Joanne

Anonymous said...

Not that I have any experience with what you are going through....but in reading your last past you said the teachers said Waverly was less weepy after she slept better. Maybe it is connected to the sleep issue. I am happy to see she is sleeping better at night!! Maybe she needs a SHORT nap early in the day???? Thinking of you and your family...