Catch Up

The stomach bug that has been ravaging so many of your families finally hit ours.  Waverly was sick all day and through the night Sunday.  She was so sick - I have never seen her so lethargic and wiped out.  Fortunately it only lasted about 24 hours and she is doing so much better today.  I am hoping that Oliver stays healthy and is able to fight off the flu germs.

I had a meeting today about Oliver attending preschool in the fall.  They looked over all of our reports and concluded that there is enough recent data, so they don't have to do their own developmental tests.  I am thrilled.  It saves me a lot of time and energy.  We will have another meeting in a few weeks to classify Oliver and work on assigning services.  I am hopeful that I can be better prepared, having been through this process for Waverly.

It has been a frustrating and depressing week.  Colds and flu tend to have that impact.  But I have also been dealing with an insurance company that just doesn't seem to get it.  They think putting $200 towards Wavey's $8000 orthotics is acceptable - I greatly disagree with them.  They are also changing their policy on therapy services and my kids are suffering the repercussions.  I hate dealing with insurance companies, but I am going to be an expert eventually.


Jenkins said…
We are having our first preschool meeting for Brayden in less than two weeks. Maybe you can pass on some tips!
And insurance...ugh!
Hopefully the sick bug has left the building! No more sick!
Penny said…
Poor Waverly I am glad that she is feeling better. Prayers that Oliver doesn't get it. Sorry to hear your troubles with insurance if this was one o their kids they would be singing a different tune. good luck at the IEP meeting!

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