It's The Little Things

This a common title among my postings.  But it truly is the little things that bring such joy and celebration in our home.  We have been working with Oliver's physical therapist on climbing.  Just the simple task of climbing onto the couch.  This morning I was sitting in our oversized chair with the ottoman pulled up.  He took a running start, hoisted himself up and climbed the rest of the way.  He crawled up and settled in next to me.  Then he gave his signature thumbs up over his head (means "good job").  It was priceless.  He has been back up there a few time already this morning.  It is so fun to see him master something new.  And yesterday, while walking Wavey back from her school bus, she repeated the word "today" back to me.  I haven't heard her say that word in a long time and she wouldn't say it again.  But for that moment, she was able to say it back to me.  It was beautiful.  I love little things.


momma's heart said…
So good to read these two posts. Bless you. I know everyday is very hard, but praise God that he is holding you up. I will pray for local friends.
Kristin Lutz said…
Shannon, today I learned about your beautiful children from your mom as we visited with them. I am beyond words, but I know God hears when we can't even speak. Know that I will be praying for all of you. May God give you many more "little things" to tuck away in your precious memories. God bless you all!
Laura said…
These are such precious word pictures. I'm savoring those little things with you, even across the miles. Can't wait to see Oli's thumbs up and take a walk with Wavey.

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