Thank You

Some of my friends put together a lovely surprise.  In November they arranged to have the kids photographed by a local photographer.  We had a wonderful session - running around on the grounds of an old plantation.  Gayle (said photographer) did such an amazing job.  She sent me this copy to post on my blog and use for the "A Hundred for a Home" website.  You can see how beautifully she captured Waverly & Oliver.  I ordered this particular photo in black & white for our wall.  I love it!  Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible.  What a treasured gift.  I will have these photo memories with me forever.


Nicki said…
What a fantastic picture. It has brought tears to my eyes.

Nicki x
That is a lovely picture of beautiful children. Thanks for sharing it!
Jan Annin said…
Your children are so beautiful, what a wonderful surprise for your family.

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