Today was absolutely beautiful.  60 degrees and sunny.  We took the kids (and my parents who were down visiting for the weekend) to our favorite playground.  It was designed especially for kids with special needs - Clemijontri.  Waverly & Oliver had a ball running around.  Wavey especially loved the swings.  We also took a walk this afternoon on a local walking path.  It was so nice to be outside and get a little taste of spring.

Matt and I were able to get out by ourselves both Friday and Saturday night.  (Thanks to grandparents!)  It was nice to get a break.  Last night we went into DC.  A favorite restaurant of ours in London opened a location here.  We were feeling a little nostalgic and so we ventured down.  It was really good.  (For you locals, check out Nando's near Gallery Place.)  We spent a lot of time talking about our lives.  Never would we have imagined ourselves here.


Anonymous said…
Great news that you guys could get out together and enjoy each other. I think about you and your family almost every day. Keep your head up - miracles happen!
Jenkins said…
It is so great that you and Matt could get out! Time that I am sure you needed.
I love that park, we go there often. It is fantastic! We are fans of the special swings.
Praying for you!

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