I just returned from a wonderful extended weekend in Nashville.  For my birthday a few months ago, Matt has arranged a trip for me to visit 2 very dear college friends.  He thought a weekend getaway was the perfect gift and he was so right!  I spent 4 days with my friends and their amazing families.  We talked, laughed, reminisced, ate, stopped and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The husbands and grandparents were all so supportive and helped with their kids so we were able to have some quality girl time.  It was such a treat!!  

I was a tad apprehensive about the trip.  My one friend has a little girl who was born just a few days after Waverly.  I was scared that being around her may be too difficult for me.  Well, she won me over the moment I got off the plane when she handed me a picture she colored for me.  We played "Go Fish" and Candyland.  At one point she told me I was "so sweet, so nice and so pretty".  (How can anyone not love a little girl who says that?!).  Today she told me that she was really going to miss me and her mom wrote me to say that she cried after I left, saying that she really missed her friend.  She has the sweetest spirit.

Thank you Sarah & Elizabeth for giving me such a wonderful break.  Your friendship means so much to me.  And thank you Matt for giving me exactly what I needed.


Lisa said…
It's wonderful that you were able to get some time to relax with friends!

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