New Friends

I am currently listening to Oliver play with his "Handy Manny" toolset.  It is his favorite toy at the moment.  There are 7 tools that fit into a tool box and when he pushes the button the (very loud) them song plays.  It only comes out when Waverly is at school, because she loves to chew on the pieces.

We had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was perfect - 60s and sunny.  We went back to our favorite play park on Saturday.  We met another foreign service family and their 3 kids.  It was nice to be around friends and their children are adorable.  Last night, I had the opportunity to meet with 2 local moms who each have a little boy with special needs.  What a treat to go out for dinner with friends!!  The one mom graduated a year behind me in college and we knew each other a little bit.  She lives in northern VA and we have been in touch with one another since we moved into the area.  The other mom is one of her friends.  It was wonderful to feel understood so genuinely by someone else.  The 3 hours passed quickly and I feel as if I have 2 wonderful new friends in my life.  We hope to get together once a month.


momma's heart said…
Fantastic news about the two local friends! I think having that connection will be such a blessing now and in the days to come.

That header is soooo gorgeous!

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