Muy Rapido

Both Waverly & Oliver have been sick all week.  We have been trapped inside our apartment for 3 days watching "Cinderella" on repeat and listening to the "Handy Manny" theme song blaring from Oli's toolbox.  It has been a very long 3 days.  I took the kids back to our pediatrician today (we were also there on Tuesday) and we were given some antibiotics.  Joy!!  They had their first dose tonight and I am hoping they wake up much happier children in the morning.

I got the reports from our trip to UNC last month.  Even though they went over all of the information and developmental ages, it was still difficult to read.  They are going to be incredibly helpful though.  Next week we meet with Waverly's teacher and therapists to determine eligibility for services and placement for kindergarten.  (WOW - kindergarten!!)  I am also having a teleconference to determine placement and eligibility for Oliver's first year of preschool.  Having the reports will allow us to come up with realistic goals for the kids and get them all of the therapeutic services they need.


Misty said…
I hope that they are feeling better soon. Good luck with the IEP, the UNC reports hsould be very helpful. Misty

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