Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Accurate Description

I had another meeting with Waverly's school this morning.  Waverly was originally labeled as a "speech/hearing" special need, but as you know her needs are so much more than just speech and hearing.  After a battery of developmental evaluations, the input from our doctors at UNC and a discussion among all those involved, Waverly has been reclassified as "multiple disabilities - severe disability and hearing impaired".  This is a much better descriptor for all of her special needs.  Next step is the IEP meeting....

We have tentatively scheduled that for the end of the month.  Matt and I will attend together - yeah!  I have a tendency to not what to push too hard or hurt anyone feels, he is very direct in the kindest way possible  - he is a diplomat!!  It will be so nice to approach this meeting together, as a team.

I came away from my meeting this morning really feeling like Waverly is loved by those who interact with her.  She is in good hands while at school and I am so thankful for that security.  I am hopeful that as a group we can decide where the best placement is for her and what services will be most helpful.  The most difficult point is going to be our desire to have a one-on-one assistant for her in the classroom.  There is plenty of documentation to support our request, I just hope that it is granted.  We are adamant about her need for constant supervision and support.


Heidi said...

I've been thinking about you all. I'm so glad that you are getting Waverley and Oliver what they need. You and Matt are awesome parents. We miss you here.

James Currie said...

Been praying for you guys and following along every step of the way. You are tremendous advocates for your children and we're so pleased they're getting the care they need. We're thrilled Waverly is so well cared for at school. Miss you much.

Misty said...

Thats great Shannon! It sounds that you all have a great support as far as school goes. The main thing for them to understand is that sll of the behaviors are due to the disorder and not a discipline issue.That has been our problem as Will hits and kicks for no apparent reason, it's the disorder.Good luck, you all are doing a great job for your precious babies, Misty