Dream Home

What a glorious weekend!!  Spring has arrived and the sunshine & warmth has been so good for my soul.  Yesterday we met my cousin, her husband and their precious one month old daughter at a local park.  The kids played and then we went out for lunch.  I love spring!!

Then we went to an Open House.  We drove by this beautiful home on Saturday, checked it out online and knew we had to see it.  We took turns touring the house and came out feeling like we found the perfect house for our family.  It has everything that we were hoping to find and we think it will accommodate Waverly & Oliver beautifully.  It is still a little bit out of our price range, but we are hoping for a miracle.  Even if this particular house isn't the one for us, at least we know that what we want is out there.

Today I took Waverly in to get the molds taken for her orthotics.  The woman we met with is amazing!!  She was so kind to Waverly and created a peaceful environment for something that I thought would be very stressful.  Waves was a trooper and did a great job (she hates when people touch her feet).  Her new orthotics should be ready in about one month.  I am hoping they have a positive impact on her ability to walk.  The more time she can spend on her feet, moving around on her own, the better for her overall health.


Joanne said…
Hi Shannon,

I am so happy to read all the good news that has arrived with spring! What a wonderful thing that Waverly's appointment went so well, and also the news about viewing an ideal home for your family. I will be crossing my fingers that it works out so your family can get that dream home! Joanne, Mom to Sasha

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