It has been a fairly emotional day for me today.  A few little things happened that were reality checks for us.  And tomorrow is going to be a difficult day for our family.  I think it may be difficult for some people to understand the significance of the diagnosis anniversary.  Life, as we knew it, changed so drastically that day.  We want to honor the moment, while celebrating our beautiful children.

In other news, Oliver learned a new sign today.  He signed "help" and it was wonderful.  I love watching him learn new words and put them to use.  


our small group prayed for you tonight. know that my heart is with you.
Anonymous said…
No surprise that this anniversary is difficult. It is the anniversary of a death in your family. Really, no different.

You have my prayers.
Joanne said…

I hope you are doing OK today, I know how tough this day must be. No words can really express the emotions that come to the surface. It is just so surreal. You're in my thoughts. Joanne
pknelson said…
Thinking about you today and praying for you.
Jenkins said…
Praying for you.
Praying for strength and for you to continue to find joy in those beautiful children.
Anonymous said…
God, please hold Shannon and Matt in a special way today. Fill their hearts with peace and hope in ways only you can--Let their Spring be a time of love and laughter beyond their understanding. God please carry their fear, their lonliness, their tears in a way that gives them strength...relief.


I thought you may have a blog set up. I was interested in reading the latest with your kiddos. Wow, what a year--just heartbreaking! You have two beautiful children and precious gifts from the Lord.

Thanks for getting in touch. We will keep your family in our prayers.

Robyn Hannaman Fitzpatrick
Regan said…
Have you guys utilized "Signing Time" videos?? If not, they are amazing tools to engage kids in learning signs! They also have "Baby Signing Time" videos which involve more singing.

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