Spring Has Sprung

For those of you who have been following our story, we love spending time outdoors.  We love to spend our weekends walking and picnicking.  The weather today was absolutely gorgeous.  We decided to head down to the National Mall and enjoy the sites.  Here are a few of our photos.

After much searching, we found a double stroller that is strong enough to hold both of our kids.  (Thanks for the suggestion, Nicki!)  We had a great time breaking it in today.  It fits our needs perfectly.

Here is another shot of the kids in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Oliver and Matt walking to the Korean War Memorial (my favorite).

Oliver enjoyed knocking on the Washington Monument.  He loves knocking on walls, doors, whatever.  He had just tripped right before I took this picture, but I love his sad face.


Valerie Nelson said…
So glad you guys got to enjoy the weather! Looks like you had a nice time!
Penny said…
Beautiful pictures. I am glad you startint to be able to get outside. Please send some of it our way it's snowing here!
Misty said…
The photos are adorable! It is in the 70's and warm here too! Misty
Jenkins said…
They are so cute.
Nice to get out the enjoy the amazing weather!

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