Matt and I took the kids to the circus tonight.  We got free tickets from a special needs organization in the area.  We picked Matt up from work, headed to the arena and enjoyed some soft pretzels and cotton candy.  We only stayed for the first half, but it was great.  Waverly sat beautifully with Matt holding her in her seat.  Luckily no one was in front of her or they would have a very bruised head from her kicky feet.  Oliver cried for most of the first half, but then settled in and enjoyed himself.  He even clapped at the end.  It was such a great change for all of us to get out together and enjoy an evening.

Oliver in his seat.  It kept folding up on him.

Wavey & Oli taking in the show.  (Wavey's eyes are closed, but I love Oli's face on this one.)

Matt, Oliver & Waverly on the way to the arena.


Ann said…
Glad you guys had a good time! That is the cutest little outfit on Waverly- she looks so trendy :)
mykidsmomx4 said…
I took the kids to the circus 5 years ago (when I only had 2 still) and it was awesome. I had never been before either! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

What type of special needs group was it that you got tickets from? (EAster Seals, or a local group, or someone else?) There are occasionaly shows that I would love to take the kids to, but I never considered even looking for tickets since they are usually way out of my price-range.
Shannon said…
It was a respite care ministry at a local church. They have an amazing special needs ministry open to the general public. They were given tickets from Easter Seals. It was a wonderful treat for the kids!!
Jenkins said…
That is so fun!
Laura said…
Oli's face is so stinkin' cute in that shot. What a blast!

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