Oliver the Artist

I picked up a paint with water "Handy Manny" book at Target last week.  He is beginning to show interest in coloring and other crafty activities, so I thought this would be a good introduction to painting (and less messy).  He loved dipping the brush in the water, but didn't quite get the "painting" part of the activity.  Baby steps.  It was fun to begin to take advantage of this stage.  Waverly LOVED coloring and painting until about age 3.5, then she just began chewing all of the art supplies.  She dislikes anything crafty now, but we still try to work on those skills using hand-over-hand techniques.

In other news, I am hopeful that we have come to a resolution with our insurance company.  Long story short, they are going to make an exception for our kids based on "continuity of care" and allow them to stay with their OT and PT.  This is a HUGE win for us and removes a lot of unnecessary stress.  We are just waiting for the final details, but it looks like we have a deal.


Cari said…
I can't wait for Oliver and Dylan to meet. They share a lot of interests...especially Handy Manny stuff! They even have the same shirt!

I'm glad to hear your insurance company did something that makes sense! I think that is rare for an insurance company these days.
That is fantastic news about your insurance company!
Jenkins said…
He is so adorable. It is great for him to show that interest!

As for insurance...we are having the same battle with PT and Speech. I will try that "continuity of care" phrase and see if that can help our case.

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