The Good & The Bad

Waverly has had excellent eye contact the past 2 days.  Both of her therapists and all of her teachers have commented on it.  I am so excited that they are having moments of connection with her.  She is continuing to have some gross motor problems.  She is now to the point where she has to crawl over to a chair/table or have someone help her get up from the floor.  It is so painful to watch her try to get up from sitting on the floor and be totally unable to do so without extra assistance.

We are taking her in next week to get orthotics.  Even though our insurance isn't going to cover them, we just received our approval for Virginia's EDCD Waiver.  This gives the kids access to Medicaid, which will act as our secondary insurer.  Matt and I are SO incredibly thankful for this program.  Waverly & Oliver are really going to benefit from the extra help.


Cari said…
I'm so glad you got the waiver and Waverly can get her orthotics!
Misty said…
Great news about the waiver for the kids. Special needs stuff is so outrageously expensive. Glad to read Wavey is having more connection with her teachers. Misty
Laura said…
I'm glad you won't be having to completely pay out-of-pocket for the orthotics. And I'm sorry Wavey is having gross motor issues. I know you are so sad. I'm thinking of you all.
pknelson said…
It is wonderful that you were approved for the waiver! Your sweet Wavey is completely and wholly still in that failing body of hers. Her sweet spirit will continue on forever!!
Jan said…
The waiver will be so helpful and I'm so grateful it is in place.

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