Happy Birthday, Navi!!

This is 1 year old Navi.  His Mom and I worked at a camp together many years ago and she remains a very dear friend.  Erin and her partner Kelli decided that in lieu of gifts for Navi's first birthday, they were going to host a party at a local restaurant in Brooklyn called Autour du Monde (check it out if you live in the NYC area) and ask their friends & family to donate to "A Hundred for a Home".  Erin (with help from her sister Courtney, another very dear friend) even sent out press releases and got attention from a Brooklyn blogger and local cable channel!!  The party was a success...good food, lots of friends and a very happy birthday boy.  Plus, they were able to spread the word about MPS.  Raising awareness about this terrible disease is the best way to get the research attention it needs to find a treatment and cure.

Thank you Erin, Kelli, Navi and all of your party guests for loving Waverly & Oliver.  We are so appreciative of your efforts to help us find a home that will meet their needs.  And Happy 1st Birthday, Navi!!


Penny said…
That is so great Shannon! What great friends you have. Happy 1st birthday Navi!!!
Misty said…
Thank you Erin, Kelly and Navi for raising awareness for our babies! Misty www.miracle4will.com
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the raised awareness of Erin, Kelly and Navi! You have truely amazing friends. Happy Birthday to a beautiful Navi!
From the Gibson family
What a great idea! And what great friends you have! Happy birthday, Navi!

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