Countdown Continues

Poor Oliver is going to have to wait another month to have his tonsils and adenoids removed.  He is still ill and getting worse, so we thought it best to put the surgery off.  Unfortunately, the next available slot isn't until June.  Hopefully he will be healthy by then.

In other Oliver news, he said "oh" last night, as in "oh no".  He signs this by putting both hands on his head whenever something falls or breaks.  But for the first time he said "oh".  We have never heard him make this sound before, so we were thrilled.  He loves to throw a ball, but be careful because he will stand right in front of you when he does it.  And he is learning to catch.  We have also started working with his grasp on a crayon and he is beginning to scribble.  I am so proud of my little guy.

We often think that we were lucky to find out about Oliver's diagnosis so early.  It was such a struggle with Waverly.  We didn't know if we were paranoid first time parents or if there was something actually wrong.  We would get so frustrated with her inability to do the things her playmates were doing.  But with Oliver, we have been able to adjust our expectations.  We can celebrate his little accomplishments, without constantly focusing on all of the ways he is different from his peers.


The Leivas said…
I'm sorry to hear that Oliver is sick and the surgery will have to wait. I hope he starts feeling better soon!
Misty said…
Oh Shannon, I am so very sorry that Oliver will not be able to have his surgery until June. Will still suffers with ear infections although he has the T-tubes, so it has not been a cure all for him but things are much better. Keeping you all in my thoughts, always, Misty
Jenkins said…
Not fun to wait.
Hopefully everyone is getting better quickly.
Love the "oh"!

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