Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Friday, May 1, 2009

School Photo

When Waverly got home from school yesterday, she had an envelope containing her spring school photos.  (I didn't even know they took both fall and spring photos.)  When I first saw her picture I wanted to cry, but within a few seconds I had a huge smile on my face, with tears in my eyes.  This photo so totally captures my sweet little girl.  I LOVE it and (of course) bought every copy they sent home.

We were supposed to go to South Carolina for the weekend.  My friend Leslie is having a 5k run/walk in honor of her daughter Izzy.  Izzy has Sanfilippo Syndrome and they started a fundraiser to assist other MPS families.  Wavey has had a cold all week and last night Oliver started with a fever.  We are so disappointed that we aren't able to attend and be with other MPS families.


Valerie Nelson said...

I LOVE the picture, too! Post more, if you can. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so precious. Her picture is awesome. Eileen from Michigan

Kim said...

It is beautiful. :) I love love LOVE her pink glasses.