Toga! Toga! Toga!

Tomorrow is MPS Awareness Day.  Please wear purple, wear a purple ribbon (the color of courage) and spread the word about MPS.  There is currently no treatment or cure for Sanfilippo.  We need to raise awareness, so we can encourage more research funds to find a cure.

For some reason Oliver LOVES getting all wrapped up in his towel after a bubble bath.  He then wants to wander around the apartment.  He always looks like he is off to a toga party.

We got Waverly's hair cut last night...always an ordeal.  She actually did great!  We went to one of those kid places at the mall and they put Dora on for her.  We had to strap her to her seat, I held both of her hands and gave her a lollypop.  She stayed still for about 7 minutes - just enough time for a cute bob cut and bang trim.  I wish we could lose the bangs all together, but the grow out stage is just too difficult.


Laura said…
I just tried to clip Julie's bangs back. She pulled it out in about 2 minutes. I guess we are going to just get them trimmed. Let me know how the haircut goes in the next few days, and maybe I can take some pictures in to show the hairstylist for Julie's cut. They can be twins!!

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