School Boy

We will soon have 2 little ones in school.  I had Oliver's IEP meeting yesterday.  It was actually quite emotional for me.  My baby boy is growing up and this meeting was a very clear reminder.  Thankfully it was another great meeting.  I am so grateful to our school district.  Oliver has been assigned to the school that was my first choice.  He will attend a daily morning preschool program for children with hearing impairments and some children have additional issues as well.  I visited the school and observed the classroom.  It is going to be a wonderful fit for him!!  Oli doesn't have the opportunity to socialize with other children very often.  This is going to provide him with a little peer group and hopefully some friends.

This next year is going to be an amazing time for him.  He is still learning and able to effectively communicate with others.  I want him to have an incredibly enjoyable preschool experience.  I am so excited for him.


Hummel Family said…
Yay Oliver! How exciting!
Jenkins said…
Hooray for school and that everything worked out! He is going to be such a star at school!

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