Smile On My Face

This morning I took the kids in to the pediatrician for a blood draw.  I could not have gotten through the appointment without the help of our respite care worker, Preeti.  She has been working with us for about a month and she is such a blessing!!  She spends 3 days a week with us.  I am able to take Wavey to therapy and leave Oliver at home with her.  She helps me bathe the kids, get them dressed, plays with them, accompanies us to doctor appointments, whatever we need.  I have been able to run errands in the afternoon while Waverly is at school, because she stays home with Oliver.  It has changed my life.  Honestly.  I could never take the 2 kids to the doctor by myself before.  Matt would have to take time off of work or it would be a chaotic visit, ending in tears of frustration.

Because of the doctor appointment, Waverly was late to school.  Preeti stayed in the car with Oliver, while I took Wavey into her classroom.  I was able to meet Mrs. S, her 1:1 aide.  She is so sweet and I immediately liked her.  Waverly was so excited to be in class.  She went right over to her special yellow cube chair.  Mrs. S put in her hearing aids, glasses, weighted vest and weighted lap blanket.  The teacher put on her FM system and they started circle time.  Wavey's classmates were curious about her new shoes with orthotics and asked me some questions.  I left the classroom with a huge smile.  While her experience is not a typical preschool experience, she is so happy and obviously loved.  I am so thankful that we are in an area with such superb special education services.  It has been a long road, but I finally feel like Waverly, with her unique circumstance of having a regressive disease, is understood.


Heidi said…
I'm so glad that you have some help, Shannon. Sounds like Preeti is helping you take excellent care of the kids and letting you take good care of yourself as well. You deserve it! :)
Valerie Nelson said…
BIG smile on MY face, reading your note, Shannon! Your happiness and relief are evident! Absolutely wonderful!

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