Day Off

My parents are here for a visit this weekend.  Matt and I were in desperate need of a break and they provided us with one today.  We both slept in and had a night off from taking care of a sick Oliver.  We took off this morning and went to visit some of the European embassies.  We visited the UK, Germany, Spain and Sweden.  We ate some wonderful food and enjoyed a beautiful day of walking in the sunshine.  I loved the stop at Starbucks.  We came home for a few hours this afternoon and then headed back out for dinner.  What a wonderful day off!

My nieces sold lemonade today at their yard sale.  All of the proceeds went to "A Hundred for a Home" and they were able to raise over $41.00!!  They had beautiful signage and passed out cards with each glass of lemonade.  They wanted to raise awareness for MPS and support for their cousins.  My nephew helped with all of the cards and signs.  Here is a photo of the girls and their lemonade.  I am so proud of all of them!!


Jan said…
What a wonderful thing your nieces and nephew did!

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