Long Drives

We had a great time in New York with my sister and her family.  We had a grueling 9 hour drive, but we were so excited to arrive.  We hadn't been to Syracuse for 3 years, when we told my family that we were pregnant with Oliver.  We spent most of Saturday snuggling with a very sick Waverly and eventually took her to an urgent care in the afternoon.  She had an incredibly high fever and the beginning of an ear infection.  Fortunately the doctor treated her with antibiotics.  By Sunday afternoon she was feeling so much better.  We went on walks, grilled out, played with the kids in the backyard, visited an adorable little lakeside town and went out for breakfast at a local diner this morning.  It was a great trip!  The drive home today was much easier, only 7 hours.

We are a little concerned about Waverly.  She has had a decreased appetite the past 4 days.  We aren't sure if it is caused by her ear infection or something else entirely.  She typically LOVES to eat, but she has been pushing food away.  Since she is unable to tell us if something hurts, it makes diagnosing her symptom much more difficult.  We are hoping this is just response to not feeling well and not a new phase in her disease.  This disease takes away so much from our children and I will be so sad if her enjoyment of food disappears.

Oliver hogging the soccer balls

Waverly walking by the lake

Oliver waiting ever so patiently on the kids' table


Penny said…
I hope Waverly feels better soon. The pictures of the kids are adorable. I will be praying that she will starting eating better when she feels better. Hannah looses interest in food when she is not feeling well too.
Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shanon,

What a lovely trip it sounds like you all had! I really love the photo of Oliver holding the soccer balls.

I wanted to write, too, to let you know that whenever Sasha would get an ear infection, her appetite would also decrease tremendously. She would push food away, just like you said Waverly was doing. I hope that Waverly is feeling better and better each day, and that her appetite is starting to return. Joanne, Mom to Sasha
The Leivas said…
I'm so glad that you were still able to have a good trip despite Waverly's ear infection. Glad she's feeling better, hope her appetite returns soon!

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