MPS Awareness Day is May 15th

MPS International Awareness Day is May 15th.  I encourage all of you to spread the word about MPS.  You can visit the MPS Society website to become a member, make a donation or to get ideas on how to raise awareness for this terrible family of diseases.  I am excited because Waverly's school is asking all of the teachers to wear purple ribbons that day.  Wavey's teacher and I are going to make them along with a card describing Waverly's syndrome.  I am also handing out grape lollypops to all of the preschool students with a sticker that has the MPS Society's website on it.  Maybe you can do something as simple as wearing purple (the MPS color), in support of all of the families.  Let's find a treatment and a cure!!!

Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog.  Thank you for your comments, your thoughts and prayers and your support.  I do not know how I would have survived this past year without all of you.


Our class will be wearing purple next Friday!! :)
Penny said…
Hannah will be at disneyland for her make-a-wish trip on the 15th so her school is celebrating on the 11th.
Julie said…
I'm friends with Stacy & Justin in London and found out about your site through them. You're such an inspiration to others on a daily basis--finding the joys in everyday accomplishments! I love the photos you captured of Waverly and Oliver on the couch snuggling--what a priceless moment! My prayers and thoughts are with your family constantly!
Jenkins said…
That is so cool for the teachers to get involved. The more awareness the better.
Little Waverly (Oliver too) is reaching so many people!

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