I am so glad Oliver's surgery was rescheduled.  We were up most of the night with him - he is one very sick little boy.  He doesn't want to eat and if you know Oliver, that is a true sign of illness.  Thankfully our schedule was very bare this week, so we are able to stay in and rest.  I am hoping he is finally on the mend.  Between the 2 kids, they have been sick for the past 2 weeks.  I am desperate to get out of the house and back into our routine.  Thankfully the weather has been incredibly rainy, so we aren't missing too many beautiful sunny spring days.

Wavey is well and back to school.  We are still receiving good reports from her teacher.  The 1:1 assistant is making a HUGE impact on Waverly's experience at preschool and for the others in the class.  Wavey's teacher is coming over on Friday morning for a visit and I am looking forward to getting more details.  The school nurse will also come for the visit.  She wants us to have a Care Plan in place for Waverly, especially since she has had her first seizure.  There have been a few times this week, according to her teacher, that Waverly has been staring off into space.  This can sometimes be a type of seizure.  We are going to the neurologist on Monday to discuss our options and do some tests to see if there has been additional seizure activity.

I am exhausted today...and not just from staying up all night.  I am just mentally and emotionally wiped out.  It has been such a long 12 months.


Kim said…
I've been reading your blog for awhile but this is my first comment. Your children have touched my heart and I think of you guys often.

Praying for you and the kids -- for health for Oliver, for good days at school for Waverly, and for all of you to have abundant peace and energy to face each day.
The Leivas said…
I'd be exhausted too! I feel like I haven't really had a good night sleep since Olivia was diagnosed! Sorry to hear that Oliver's surgery was postponed but glad everyone is starting to feel better!
Brittany said…
Shannon - will continue to pray for sleep and rest for you and your beautiful children. In the meantime, will continue to pray for grace for the moment.
Valerie Nelson said…
Not having your regular routine - whatever it may be - is certainly draining. Sending you lots of love and strength. You are an amazing mom to Waverly and Oliver.
Tari Reph said…
I am praying for Oliver's recovery and for the Lord to strengthen you.

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