Baby Teeth

This morning Matt and I both noticed that Waverly's teeth looked different.  Her bottom teeth has less gaps.  Upon inspection of her mouth, I noticed that she has an "grown up tooth" coming in behind her bottom front teeth.  At first I panicked and envisioned taking her to the dentist and having them extract her baby teeth.  Then, after a call to my sister and mother of 4 kids, she calmed my nerves and said this happens and that the baby teeth will eventually be pushed out of the way.  Then I thought surely, Wavey is too young to begin losing teeth.  Again, she said that she is right about the age when the process starts.

Then, I cried.

I can't believe my little girl is growing up so quickly.  She is frozen in my mind at 3.  Age 3 was when we really began to notice the differences between Waverly and the other kids her age.  That was around the time she started having difficulty doing the puzzles that used to be so easy for her.  All of a sudden, she was putting everything she could get her hands on into her mouth.  Today, was a reminder that my little girl is growing up.  Even though she struggles to do things that used to come so naturally, she is still growing taller and older.  She is going to celebrate her 5th birthday in 2 weeks.


Laura said…
These little griefs, they pop up right when you'd expect joy and wonder. That's painful, Shannon.

When is W's birthday? We'd love to remember it properly.
Christy said…
I always found losing teeth to be a poignant thing too.
Lisa said…
Maddie lost her first baby tooth a few weeks before her 5th birthday. Ryan is nearly 5.5 years now and he barely has a loose one. Kids are all so different!!!!

Their growing up really does sneak up on you!
Amanda Evans said…
Shannon and Family,

I clicked on your blog from a friend of mine's blog last night and I seriously spent three hours reading about your children and about MPS IIIA. I can not imagine how hard it is to know your babies will leave this earth before you, and I have no idea what it's like to struggle with the daily tasks associated with their condition. All I know is that you are in my prayers, as are your precious children. God is in complete control. Continue to trust him as you enjoy living each day to the fullest. Love those babies!

In Christ,
Amanda Evans

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