Pretty in Pink

Waverly in her new glasses.

Thank you for your comments and messages based on my last post.  There will be many more changed to come and I am so thankful to have your support.

We had a good weekend.  Yesterday we spent time at home, while Matt enjoyed OSU's big win.  Last night we drove up to MD to have dinner with a high school friend of mine.  She and her husband had our family over for a delicious dinner  It was so nice to meet her adorable 2 children.  I tend to get nervous when taking Waverly into a new environment.  I don't want her to get hurt or break anything.  It is so difficult to find anything to capture her attention, so Matt and I spend most of our time holding her hand and wandering the house.  Katie was so thoughtful and put away all things breakable or chokeable.  She also tivo'ed some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes.  It was great.

This morning we woke up to a dead car battery.  Thank you AAA for coming to our rescue and supplying us with a new battery.  We ran some errands and went to our favorite little pizzeria, only for Matt to leave our box of leftover slices on the roof of the car, for the second time.

Waverly had an incredibly difficult time falling asleep tonight.  It took us 2 hours to get her to fall alseep.  Hopefully she will sleep in tomorrow, so she has a better day at school.


brian is really good at leaving things on the car roof - REALLY good. he once left leftovers from red lobster. got home. scraped the chicken off the roof (box was gone, chicken was still there) and ate it the next day for lunch - EWWWW!
Anonymous said…
Shannon- you don't know me but I think about you every day. I read your blog and my heart breaks with sadness for you and your family. I took a picture of Waverly and Oliver to my book club last week in hopes that spreading your story will someday bring you some peace. When I think my children have pushed me to the edge, I remember you and what an amazing person you are, and thank God for my childrens good health. I pray for a miracle cure and pray that you can have joy in your heart as you spend this time with your children!
Misty said…
I LOVE Waverly's cute haircut! And the glasses look so cute on her too!
angi said…
I agree with the comment above me - her new pink glasses & hair are adorable!

I am sorry to hear that she is not doing so well, I am praying too...
debby said…
I've just been sitting here staring at Waverly's photo. What a beauty Waverly is!!
Shannon, since we got together in Cols, I keep remembering you and Waverly singing "Tomorrow" and hearing Waverly singing the chorus with such gusto!! It touched me in a way that has left an imprint on my heart. I treasure that, as well as sitting on the couch and sharing birthday cake with Waverly! It was SOOO GOOD to be able to get together and to get to meet Oliver. What a handsome little man he is!!
Love you all
fern said…
How did I miss this??? I LOVE her glasses! She looks adorable.

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