My friends Kamarah and Michele are visiting for a few days.  It has been wonderful and I am already dreading taking them to the airport on Sunday to fly home.  I have forgotten just how much I love to laugh.  It has been cleansing for me.  What fun to stroll down memory lane with them.  We have been through so much together.

Throughout their visit we have been talking about "A Hundred for a Home" (  I am sure most of you who read the blog repeatedly are well aware of this incredible fundraising campaign they started for my family.  The amount of time and effort they have put into it is totally amazing.  I cannot believe that they are devoting so much energy into helping us move into a home that is safe and equipped to care for both Waverly and Oliver; and to assist us with offsetting medical co-pays and bills, equipment, and therapy services.  The stress of Sanfilippo in our lives is already unbearable, but knowing that some of the financial burden may be lifted is such a dream.  I am just in awe of their love for Matt, Waverly, Oliver and I.

I have enjoyed letting them into my day-to-day life with the kids.  I feel like they are getting a real sense of how Sanfilippo has changed Waverly and how it has effected our home life.  I feel sometimes isolated by the disease and it is refreshing to allow someone in.  I feel understood in a new way.

We are celebrating Matt today.  It is his birthday!  (Happy Birthday, love!!)  I remember when I met Matt, I just knew that he was going to be special.  I wanted to choose someone who would be a terrific father, to give that gift to my kids.  Waverly and Oliver are blessed to have the best Daddy in the world.  And I am honored to be on this journey with such a remarkable man.


Christy said…
Thank God for friends!
Tari Reph said…
Happy Birthday Matt. I hope that you get to do something special to celebrate your day.
fern said…
I am so happy you've been able to have this time with your friends! And I appreciate you pointing out how different it is for them to see your everyday family life, rather than just hearing about it.

I am out here in faceless blogland cheering you on.
Frugal Vet Tech said…
Happy birthday, Matt!
Thank goodness for fantastic friends.
ben.goshow said…
happy birthday matty!
thinking about you guys today - what an amazing, beautiful family.

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