I know everyone's attention is on the election today.  We cast our ballots absentee this year.  I wish I could have had the experience of standing in line and casting my vote.  What an exciting election!  Whatever the outcome, I hope and pray that families of children with special needs can see positive changes in health insurance coverage and exclusions. And that more money can go towards research for MPS and other diseases that are devastating families around the globe.


val said…
it does really bother me that when tragic things like health/injury issues happen to families they not only have to deal with the stress of that but also with how they are going to afford it. it doesn't seem right!
as a taylor grad and mom of a little boy with a genetic disorder, i can empathize with the challenges of health insurance coverage, exclusions and the seemingly endless bills that pile up as we seek the best treatment for our kids - and youre right, whatever the outcome, i'm hopeful that research and coverage will increase.

i am so impressed with your honesty and your bravery as you continue on this journey. my heart goes out to you as do my prayers.

becky peterson

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