On Monday I had to drive Waverly to school, because I brought in cupcakes for both special needs preschools classes in honor of Waverly's birthday.  We were running a little late, so I had to bring her back to the classroom.  When we got there, an adorable little boy yelled "Hi Waverly" and seemed so excited to see her.  I was brought to tears.  I wrote her teacher just to say how sweet that was and she wrote me the sweetest letter taking about just how much Waverly was a part of the class.  The kids are beginning to understand that she puts things in her mouth and are saying "No, Waverly" when she tries.  She is also loved by another little boy who is always trying to hug her.  I felt so good knowing that her classmates enjoy her company and miss her when she is not there.

We also did have our Make-a-Wish meeting on Monday night.  Waverly wished for a trip to Disney World.  She is going to love it!!  They were explaining all that Make-a-Wish does to make the trip even more special.  It is going to be incredible!

Oliver can now say "ball".  He is doing such a great job with signing and he is trying so hard to mimic speech sounds.  He also keeps getting stronger and his PT is so impressed with his progress.  Waverly has been singing "Happy Birthday" non-stop.  She also is starting to say "5" when asked how old she is.  It is so amazing to see her trying to learn something new.


Nicki said…

This made me laugh. Sophie loves singing Happy Birthday too and Tom is obsessed with balls!

My e mail address is

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Becs said…
I have been at Disney while a child was there for Make-A-Wish, and it was amazing. THey really make it knock out awesome. I didn't know the child, the situation, anything... but the look on that child's face was priceless and moved me to tears.

I hope your family has a wonderful trip when it comes.

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