Home Visit

I met with Waverly's teacher for a Home Visit today.  It went quite well.  Waverly has adjusted to her new surroundings and routine.  She isn't throwing herself on the floor anymore out of frustration and she is anticipating a lot more in the classroom.  She still doesn't like yoga, but she does enjoy the songs they sing during the exercise and is even beginning to flap her arms like a butterfly during one song.  She is still a food thief, so they have to keep their eye on her the entire time food is out.  She takes is from the table and from other kids' plates.  The other kids in her class really like her.  They miss her when she is not there, they say hello to her and interact with her, they know she puts things in her mouth and say "no, Waverly" when she attempts.  One little boy likes her so much that he constantly hugs her when she is sitting down during circle time.

We did discuss our reasoning for not wanting to do the restraints.  We asked if we could try them at home and see Waverly's reaction to wearing them.  If it does allow her to...even for 5 minutes...play appropriately with sensory items (rice, play dough, corn, etc), that may be worth trying.  We will try it in the home and see for ourselves.

In other news, Oliver is such a great little brother.  He always brings Waverly her chewy tube when he finds it around the apartment.  And he is beginning to find other things he knows she likes - Sammy the Seal book, Baa-Baa, etc.  It is so sweet!


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