Monday, Monday

Waverly doesn't have school today or tomorrow for a teacher inservice.  This makes for longer days for all of us.  We all work better within the regular routine.

I spent some time this morning making doctor appointments.  We got in with an orthopedic doctor.  I am especially excited to see her.  Waverly turned in foot is causing a lot of concern for Matt and I.  I think she is going to need a brace so she doesn't damage the muscles and tendons.  I have also made arrangements to take the kids to see a doctor who specializes in the MPS diseases.  She has a team of therapists and developmental pediatricians who offer so much help and advice on handling children with Sanfilippo.  She is in NC and we had a great appointment with her in May, when we were finding out about the cord blood transplant option.

Oliver is continuing to impress us.  He is picking up more signs and using them throughout the day.  He also went and found a little toy pig last night, when I was showing him the sign for pig.  He totally understood me.  It is incredible!  He doesn't talk nearly as much as Wavey did at his age, but he is still communicating beautifully.


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