Thanksgiving in PA

We have returned from a trip up to PA to visit family.  It was so nice to have time away with everyone.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My mom makes a FANTASTIC meal and we ate so well.  Plus, we got slices from our favorite pizzeria.  

We hadn't seen my sister and her family for a few months.  She has 4 beautiful kids who were so incredibly sweet with Waverly on this visit.  I think she has taken the time to explain why Waverly is different and they just accepted her.  I was so thankful to see such understanding and compassion from children.  Matt and I were moved to tears by their love for our sweet little kids.

Waverly had a tough few days.  I think the new environment and all of the people were a little too much for her.  But, after she adjusted she did well.  I think my entire family saw the changes that I have talked about.  Waverly was much less interactive with everyone and just seemed to be in her own little world.

Oliver loved being with his cousins.  His almost 4 year-old cousin loved to "pet" him and walk around the house guiding him around.  It was adorable.

I am so thankful for my family and the love they show to Waverly & Oliver.


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