Life in London

Matt put together a bunch of our photos from our time in London and created a video.  I think he did such a great job capturing our time there.  Enjoy!


Polka Dot Girl said…
Matt & Shannon,
This is such a lovely video. So many beautiful moments captured on film. It's truly a blessing to have been offered a glimpse into your life in London, and your daily life here in the States. Thank you for introducing us, virtually at least, to Waverly and Oliver, the lights of your lives, so that they can be lights in ours as well.
Christy said…
Tears in Indiana. So beautiful.
Aubrey said…
God! Jesus. Holy Spirit... WHY?

I watched with pleasure and pain.
Jill Schroeder said…
I've been following your blog after finding Matt on FaceBook. I ache for you and your children. Matt's brother, Brian, and I dated in high school, and after seeing your video, see that they share similar tastes in music. :o)

I pray for your family!

Jill (Bayman) Schroeder
pknelson said…
You are such a beautiful family. You did a wonderful job with this video and music, Matt! There is much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Anonymous said…
What wonderful moments captured so beautifully. So many good times to treasure.

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