Cabin Fever

What a long week it has been.  3 days trapped indoors with a sick little girl and a little boy perfecting his 2 year-old tantrums can really be difficult.  Now we have a 4 day weekend ahead of us, with no real plans.  Initially we were hoping to take in some of the inauguration events and actually be on the Mall for the big day.  But due to the cold weather, sick kids and massive crowds, we are opting to stay as far away from DC as possible these next few days.  Taking it all in from the comfort of our apartment sounds much more cozy.

Aside from strep, both kids are doing well.  Waverly's physical therapist is growing more concerned about Wavey's foot.  Her right foot is turning in even more, causing her to stumble quite a bit.  She showed me some stretching exercises to do to try to strengthen the muscle.  We are going to see a physical medicine doctor in March.  I can't wait!  She is most likely going to need some type of orthotics.  Oliver is 2 - he is beginning to assert himself and he is just like his mommy - stubborn!  (My Mom thinks it is funny to see me get so frustrated with him for this reason - payback.) 


Charity said…
That's funny to see yourself in your kids and be frustrated!
The Pictures of Oli are priceless.

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